Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's time

It's time,
To begin a new journey,
After ending a bachelor’s degree story,
You will take off for a new ride,
Bring your life up to a new height,
Let it be with the IIUM pride,
But be humble,
You don’t want to make trouble.

It's time,
To go out there,
To show and prove,
That you worth the investment,
That 6 years of learning,
Hours and hours of cramming, understanding,
Can be translated into productive working,
It is not merely because of the salary,
But to have you in this world, it's worthy.

It's time,
To give back,
What you get,
To serve the ummah,
Yet a humble servant to Allah,
To contribute to humanity,
To make the world a better place to be,
And everyday you will feel the satisfaction,
That today i’ve added value where i station,
And the best from me is yet to come,
Don't consider me done and gone.

It's time,
To meet new people,
To work with others,
Say that the mission is ours,
I will work with you decently,
You can hardly do things without me,
Even sometimes work is like hell,
Say to yourself, all iz well, all iz well.

It's time,
To apply what you know,
And from it, you continuously grow,
To chart a new learning graph,
From the bottomline whatever you now have,
Let it be an upward line,
Not a downward line,
Nor even plateau,
Up it shall go.

It's time,
To spread wings,
See how far you can fly,
To start swimming,
Which deep ocean can you go further, give a try?

It's time,
To plant seeds,
To plant more seeds of good deeds,
Let it be wherever you go,
To the hospitals, clinics, enforcement or bureau,
In your house, outside the house,
On the roads, off the roads,
When you meet people,
Please smile, Give salam,
Whenever you go to the toilet in a rush,
Please flush,
When you see a helpless child or a needy old man,
Please give a hand,
Remember, it's not big or small deeds that really matter,
But does Allah see and satisfy which we should bother

It's time,
To live hope,
Believe that you can cope,
Stand tall,
Don’t easily fall,
Even fall usually a must,
Hold to your faith, in Allah we fully trust,
Even if fail is a part of your story,
Remember, it usually a prerequisite for a victorious glory,
It is written everywhere in history,
Rise again,
Nothing was in vain.

It's time,
To realize things,
That you will fight at the frontline,
Holding the IIUM flag,
That we are ambassadors of Islam,
That we represent Allah in this life,
In this world,
So keep close to your iman,
Continue to improve your akhlak,
Do not betray Allah,
Do not betray His messenger,
Do not disappoint us,
Do not humiliate IIUM,
Remember, that we are the hope,
You and I are the hope,
And whose hope?
It is the ummah’s hope

It's time,
To look forward,
Do not be coward,
Future is where the hope island is,
We shall sail with effort and be optimist,
Yesterday and days before were precious,
Sweet or sour, everything seemed delicious,
The past is for us to learn from,
Don't live in there, move on,
But the best present is present,
Live up to the most, value every moment,

It's time,
To value friendship,
We were once in the same great ship,
But today we will take different paths,
Yet, do keep in touch,
One day we will meet again,
Reminisce the great days of the memory lane,
Appreciate what have all the teachers done,
Let us make them proud,
By being good, and our actions speak it loud,
By being one great human one day,
Our teachers can smile all the way,
Eventhough we know, we can hardly pay,
At least, that will make our day.

#Poem delivered during the 6th Annual Graduating Dinner for the Rx6 of Kulliyyah of Pharmacy, IIUM on 17th April 2011. Last 2 paragraphs are additional from the original one. It seemed too long to be delivered in one shot and the background song is shorter than it is.i'll miss this batch. =)

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