Thursday, January 13, 2011


Excerpt from Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society's (MPS) I-Bulletin, 13th January 2011:

Extracted from an article “Extra Conditions to Type A Licence” by Mr John CP Chang (President, FAPA)

Some may not agree but to accept membership to a professional society like MPS is a good first level indication of interest, commitment and care for the profession. It should in fact be a source of pride and that's what we do when we meet up with others, within the country or outside. This is particularly so when MPS has been active and participative, and widely recognised by government institutions and NGOs, and continues to pursue with other stakeholders towards improving pharmacy practice and our commitment to serve patients better. Indeed, one has to have very good reason why one would not support the very society that is set up to look after professional interests, all at a nominal fee of RM10/month! With only 2000 out of 8000 as membership, it is not just revealing on the mass psyche of the pharmacy profession (rejection) of MPS' role but also their disregard for the pharmacy profession and institution in their daily life.

Being non MPS members it is not easy to communicate with them on pharmacy matters because they are only interested in their job and careers, and make more money, totally detached from the pharmacy institution until they get entangled with the law, or faced unfavourable events which disrupt their "normal" practice.


While members get first hand information about the updates of news of the profession through direct mailings and regular visits to the website, non-members would have to rely on second-hand information and often received the news late, or not at all. Hence it is found that such non-members ask again and again on issues that are already being discussed, or that events have overtook the issues at hand. To these 6000 non-members we urged you to come on board and make the profession stronger.

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  1. thank you for the kind reminder. Let us contribute something to make our profession stronger..