Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The 2nd ALPHA Gathering

Dear alumna/alumnus,

Looking to reconnect with old friends & professors, and relish the past memories? Rejoice! You are warmly invited to the 2nd ALPHA Gathering on 16-18 Oct 2015 at Kulliyyah of Pharmacy, IIUM​, Kuantan.

For more information on this event, please click on provided link.


Thanks & Regards,

Bureau of Media & Publicity
ALPHA - IIUM Pharmacy Alumni Association

Friday, June 19, 2015

Monday, December 17, 2012

Alumni updates

 Assalamualaikum w.b.r,

Dear members,

Here's a quick updates on our alumni activities  from June 2012 - June 2013.

Alumni activities [June 2012 - June 2013]

The compilation was prepared by Bro. Shazly Zahfry


Fadhilah H

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Assalamualaikum w.b.r,

This is a posting made on behalf of Mdm Syahiera Farhana Zakaria from Pharmacy Practice Department, Kulliyyah of Pharmacy IIUM :

"Salam all. Hope you're all doing OK in your hectic life. Herewith i enclosed the application form to become a member to REACH (Alumni and Career Services Division, IIUM).

PLEASE fill in the form and do not forget to attach one original copy of your recent color passport-size photograph (scanned photo not accepted).  Then, submit it to Alumni Membership Committee (address provided in form).

Please be informed that only those have returned the completed form with original photograph will receive the Membership Card for FREE.

The owner of the REACH Membership Card will have access to enter the university and the library, to use the IIUM sport complex facilities, and receive other benefits and privileges as an IIUM alumnus." - 
Syahiera Farhana Zakaria

The REACH Application Form can be downloaded from the link below.

REACH Application Form

Kindly convey the news to other members of ALPHA. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.
Thank you.


Fadhilah Hasbullah
Media and Publicity, ALPHA

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Drugs of Porcine Origin


i received a link to this useful ebook from our Vice. so let's share this information with all our friends out there.

Drugs of Porcine Origin.pdf

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's time

It's time,
To begin a new journey,
After ending a bachelor’s degree story,
You will take off for a new ride,
Bring your life up to a new height,
Let it be with the IIUM pride,
But be humble,
You don’t want to make trouble.

It's time,
To go out there,
To show and prove,
That you worth the investment,
That 6 years of learning,
Hours and hours of cramming, understanding,
Can be translated into productive working,
It is not merely because of the salary,
But to have you in this world, it's worthy.

It's time,
To give back,
What you get,
To serve the ummah,
Yet a humble servant to Allah,
To contribute to humanity,
To make the world a better place to be,
And everyday you will feel the satisfaction,
That today i’ve added value where i station,
And the best from me is yet to come,
Don't consider me done and gone.

It's time,
To meet new people,
To work with others,
Say that the mission is ours,
I will work with you decently,
You can hardly do things without me,
Even sometimes work is like hell,
Say to yourself, all iz well, all iz well.

It's time,
To apply what you know,
And from it, you continuously grow,
To chart a new learning graph,
From the bottomline whatever you now have,
Let it be an upward line,
Not a downward line,
Nor even plateau,
Up it shall go.

It's time,
To spread wings,
See how far you can fly,
To start swimming,
Which deep ocean can you go further, give a try?

It's time,
To plant seeds,
To plant more seeds of good deeds,
Let it be wherever you go,
To the hospitals, clinics, enforcement or bureau,
In your house, outside the house,
On the roads, off the roads,
When you meet people,
Please smile, Give salam,
Whenever you go to the toilet in a rush,
Please flush,
When you see a helpless child or a needy old man,
Please give a hand,
Remember, it's not big or small deeds that really matter,
But does Allah see and satisfy which we should bother

It's time,
To live hope,
Believe that you can cope,
Stand tall,
Don’t easily fall,
Even fall usually a must,
Hold to your faith, in Allah we fully trust,
Even if fail is a part of your story,
Remember, it usually a prerequisite for a victorious glory,
It is written everywhere in history,
Rise again,
Nothing was in vain.

It's time,
To realize things,
That you will fight at the frontline,
Holding the IIUM flag,
That we are ambassadors of Islam,
That we represent Allah in this life,
In this world,
So keep close to your iman,
Continue to improve your akhlak,
Do not betray Allah,
Do not betray His messenger,
Do not disappoint us,
Do not humiliate IIUM,
Remember, that we are the hope,
You and I are the hope,
And whose hope?
It is the ummah’s hope

It's time,
To look forward,
Do not be coward,
Future is where the hope island is,
We shall sail with effort and be optimist,
Yesterday and days before were precious,
Sweet or sour, everything seemed delicious,
The past is for us to learn from,
Don't live in there, move on,
But the best present is present,
Live up to the most, value every moment,

It's time,
To value friendship,
We were once in the same great ship,
But today we will take different paths,
Yet, do keep in touch,
One day we will meet again,
Reminisce the great days of the memory lane,
Appreciate what have all the teachers done,
Let us make them proud,
By being good, and our actions speak it loud,
By being one great human one day,
Our teachers can smile all the way,
Eventhough we know, we can hardly pay,
At least, that will make our day.

#Poem delivered during the 6th Annual Graduating Dinner for the Rx6 of Kulliyyah of Pharmacy, IIUM on 17th April 2011. Last 2 paragraphs are additional from the original one. It seemed too long to be delivered in one shot and the background song is shorter than it is.i'll miss this batch. =)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Buku : Ubat daripada Sumber Babi dan Sumber Alternatif

A book by Abdul Rahman B. Pharm, an IIUM Pharmacy graduate (1st batch).

more info is available at http://www.stormreaders.asia/

Ubat daripada sumber babi merupakan isu kontemporari, sensitif dan kontroversi terutamanya bagi negara yang majoriti rakyatnya beragama Islam seperti Malaysia, Indonesia dan Brunei. Produk ubat-ubatan seperti vaksin, ubat pembedahan, kencing manis dan sakit jantung disyaki mengandungi bahan-bahan yang tidak halal. Meskipun Islam memberi kelonggaran sementara untuk mengambil ubat-ubatan yang mengandungi sumber haram dalam keadaan darurat, namun bagi pesakit yang memilih beratkan soal halal dan haram, mereka mempunyai hak untuk mengetahui dan membuat keputusan sama ada mahu memerima atau menolak ubat tersebut.
Buku Ubat daripada sumber babi dan pilihan alternatif ini memberi pendekatan dan panduan kepada pembaca bagi menghadapi isu penggunaan sumber babi di dalam ubat-ubatan dan permasalahan yang berkaitan dengannya. Selain menyenaraikan lebih 90 jenis ubat yang mengandungi sumber babi dan pilihan alternatif yang ada, buku ini juga menerangkan pendapat-pendapat ulama serta fatwa-fatwa perubatan terkini yang dikeluarkan di peringkat kebangsaan dan antarabangsa.

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Halal Index: Volume 1 Pig based Pharmaceuticals

Publication: The Halal Index: Volume 1 Pig based Pharmaceuticals
First Published : February 2011
Hardcover: 164 pages

Pig Based Pharmaceuticals, the first volume in a series of titles, discloses and unravels over fifty chemical compounds that are derived from porcine which possess therapeutic value and hence are active ingredients in countless pharmaceuticals or which are used within the pharmaceutical industry as excipients.

for more information, please log on to http://www.thehalalindex.com/

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Excerpt from Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society's (MPS) I-Bulletin, 13th January 2011:

Extracted from an article “Extra Conditions to Type A Licence” by Mr John CP Chang (President, FAPA)

Some may not agree but to accept membership to a professional society like MPS is a good first level indication of interest, commitment and care for the profession. It should in fact be a source of pride and that's what we do when we meet up with others, within the country or outside. This is particularly so when MPS has been active and participative, and widely recognised by government institutions and NGOs, and continues to pursue with other stakeholders towards improving pharmacy practice and our commitment to serve patients better. Indeed, one has to have very good reason why one would not support the very society that is set up to look after professional interests, all at a nominal fee of RM10/month! With only 2000 out of 8000 as membership, it is not just revealing on the mass psyche of the pharmacy profession (rejection) of MPS' role but also their disregard for the pharmacy profession and institution in their daily life.

Being non MPS members it is not easy to communicate with them on pharmacy matters because they are only interested in their job and careers, and make more money, totally detached from the pharmacy institution until they get entangled with the law, or faced unfavourable events which disrupt their "normal" practice.


While members get first hand information about the updates of news of the profession through direct mailings and regular visits to the website, non-members would have to rely on second-hand information and often received the news late, or not at all. Hence it is found that such non-members ask again and again on issues that are already being discussed, or that events have overtook the issues at hand. To these 6000 non-members we urged you to come on board and make the profession stronger.